Our Story

Hi, I'm Azra. We are Peepa.

Peepa is a bird. Peepa is a pacifier. Peepa was one of the first words my first child spoke.

My two daughters are the clear inspiration behind Peepa. It is our duty to teach our children about how the world works, and also how to be good partners to those around us and the world that surrounds us.

Teaching them to care about the clothing that they wear and what is involved in the creation of each piece is a small part of that education. Children go through clothing quickly, meaning that slow fashion is the only sustainable choice. Our goal is that each piece we sell is cared for and worn by many.

Based out of Maple Ridge, BC (a suburb of Vancouver, BC), we design and produce each piece in our home-based studio. As a solo creator, this means that each piece gets the required care and attention during the entire construction process. We take slow fashion to heart.

Thank you for visiting our website and being a part of our journey. We would love to see our clothing in the wild (worn by your wild ones), so please tag us on Instagram @peepaclothing.